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This is not a Martial Art that's rich in customs, tradition and spiritual enlightenment but it is a no nonsense approach to pure battle proven self defence that works.  Could be classified as the best self defence martial art for people who like to label.

I have taken techniques first developed by Captain William Fairbairn (considered the grandfather of European modern military close combat) and then later enhanced by self defence pioneers such as Charles Nelson, Carl Cestari and Geoff Todd, and produced a course containing a comprehensive package of guaranteed moves that will empower all who learn them.

What is  Self Defence and the difference between Martial arts and true Self Defence.

Combat sports and cultural fighting arts are great to condition people, keep fit and enable access to full contact situations. However, they are practiced in controlled conditions with a referee to ensure rules are not broken / contestants are not seriously injured. They train to respond to specific types of moves/attacks based on the discipline. Whilst the techniques could be used to defend yourself against certain types of attack, once hard wired into your brain after years of practice,  not everyone wants to commit to joining a club nor has the time to wait to obtain self defence moves.

Attacks on people do not tend to be carried out in a fair environment with someone ensuring serious injury doesn't occur. Also, the attacks from drink, drug or emotionally fuelled situations do not tend to be specific in technique.

The need to have a tool box of moves and techniques that can be used by people with no fighting experience and of any fitness level, against all types of attacks and under stress induced situations, in a short amount of time is a must.

The course contains defence moves against:

The course can be taught with a group or on an individual basis. You will learn self protection right from the basics including stance and hand positions plus core follow up moves used to drive forward and better position yourself for an escape, up to more advanced techniques with a chance to practice each move with other members of the course and myself. I also include information on how to identify unhealthy situations, spacial awareness, exit strategies and any legal implications.

Handouts for each session will be given out and note taking is advised to ensure an adequate level of understanding is obtained whilst attending each session.

I try and run mens and womens self defence session so that questions can be answered at the time they are asked and the previous weeks instruction is gone over in case, as does happen, a question is thought of between classes.

For individuals who are unable to attend group or private self defence lesson, I have produced simply the best self defence DVD of the whole course which can be purchased from this site.

If you have any questions regarding self defense training then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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