Welcome to my website. I hope it provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on what direction you’d like to take with regards to self defence.

Why I chose self protection / defence and how I got here.

I always thought I was able to defend myself. This is mainly due to my strength, speed and boxing experience (10 year career with 2 years as a professional). However, I was aware that boxing techniques would not always enable me to defend myself against all types of attacks due to the fact that boxing is an excellent combat sport but NOT a true self defence technique. I also found myself in a position where I was unable to box myself out of an unprovoked attack which left me battered and scarred.

After being assaulted I spend the next 12 years researching all forms of self defence/martial arts and looking for something that:

  • didn’t require years of practice to master
  • could be taught to anyone
  • could be used in stress induced situations
  • enabled you to defend yourself from any kind of attack

After attending many courses, watching countless training DVDs and reading all kinds of material I was able to use the information I had collected/learnt so I could offer it as a comprehensive course. This is after 18 months of validating each move for effectiveness.

I also obtained confirmation from professional close combat specialists that these moves/techniques were proven in battle field situations. This, along with my own proof of effectiveness, leaves me with no doubt what this course is the best self defence martial art.

I have a passion to protect people and teach mens and womens self defence classes that make a difference to individuals’ lives – this course ticks both boxes for me.

I have even created the best self defence DVD around and also download files so people who can’t make the private training lessons are able to learn remotely.

I am  also a NLP practitioner, Parent Governor and a very keen Archer.