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Due to frequent requests from people who have attended my course, I’ve created the best Self Defence DVD containing all material I currently teach . I go through all course concepts and break it down by each functional area.

Learn everything you need to successfully defend yourself and neutralise a threat.

Please remember that you are responsible for the actions you take. I’m just showing you a proven method of defending yourselves and your families.

FREE GIFT – Purchase the DVD today and you will be given FREE access to digital download files of the whole course. This means you can watch and learn the self defence tutorial at anytime, anywhere. Just download the course chapters and then upload them onto your phone, tablet or laptop – training whenever you want.

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Natural Self Defence DVD



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whats on dvd?

  • 54 minutes of self defence training
  • 8 Chapters broken down as follows
  • Toolbox of moves (fundamental moves)
  • Defence against grabs, kicks, punches, head locks, bear hugs, strangulation, clubs/bats, knives, and guns
  • Ground defence and what to do if ambushed
  • Clear instructions with easy to follow demonstrations
  • Email support for any queries