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I believe it is extremely important to ensure everyone who attends my course gets full value and comes away having successfully learnt a life saving skill.

Whilst conversations during and after classes can highlight areas that need a little more attention, questionnaires offer a client the opportunity to voice their opinion in a written format completed in their own time.

Below are extracts taken from a few people who have successfully completed the Natural Self Defence course

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Tony 2011 - "The best thing about the course is knowing each move is the 'best' solution to each attack, having been perfected over many years." When asked what he liked about the course he wrote:"The style of demonstrations, the passion and personality of the instructor. Two way dialogue at all times."

Fred 2011 - “After the 1st session I completely lost the paralysing fear I always experienced in situations of conflict. It’s hard to put into words how much the course has changed my life. To lose 25 years of fear/anxiety for the cost of this course is a real bargain”

Testimonies Mail:

Georgia 2012 - “The best thing about the course is the clear and concise way the subject matter was explained and the care Marc had of the students, making sure no-one was left out”

John 2012 - “I love the simplicity in theory yet you can see how it would protect you in reality. I have loved this course - it was everything I’ve been looking for in a self protection course - it has done wonders for me personally”

Denise 2010 - “This course has given me so much confidence to defence myself. I will definitely be back to enhance the moves I've learnt. The 12 weeks have just flew by. Thank you Marc, my tool box of moves will always keep me safe"

Bill 2011 - when asked what he liked most about the course Bill wrote: “Friendly instructor who goes at the most appropriate pace for you and can rejig the schedule to meet your time and needs.”

Sukhi 2011 - “I’d been looking for a self protection course like this for a while and it was exactly what I  wanted, therefore I will be signing up on for the next course. Best self defence martial art course I’ve found”

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Heather 2012 - “I now have confidence, in myself, that I would be able to handle a dangerous / life threatening situation with a safe outcome. This is because I have the tool box of moves at my disposal”

Darren 2012 - “It’s amazing how easier the moves are to learn and remember with very little practice. I really enjoyed learning a skill that will stay with me forever. I now feel enable to protect myself and my family”

Rachel 2013 - This is the best self defence martial art course I’ve taken so far.

After trying some womens self defence classes years ago I thought I knew all there was to know - but I didn’t! These moves work. Best self defence course around”.

Lynda 2013 - “Can I just say a massive thank you for attending last Wednesdays WI meeting. It was brilliant and just what the members wanted. The feedback from members has been very positive”.

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